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Volume 29 – Number 1 - Spring 2023



Scott Slowik




Vice President

Jim Hurt




Elsa Zumstein





Paige McAuley




Membership Secretary

Bess Ellen Criswell




Regional Directors

SE - Gary Dickey, Jr.


SC  - Chris Hurt


SW - Jim Uschak


NC - Bill Fink


NW – Vacant

NE - Vacant

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Scott Slowik

Hi Everyone,

It is that time of year again to start our annual shoots. The dates are set, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone! Some upcoming dates to look forward to; PA Youth Trout starts March 25th. And April 22nd for Youth Turkey. As always, try to get the kids out. It is important that they get the chance to hunt and fish without them moving forward. Our sport would not survive. 


The one big thing to remember this year is that Marsh Hill's shoot, you will not be able to get on club property before Thursday at 4pm. That is unless you are there to set up the course. There is a lot that goes with our annual shoot to get things ready. You can contact me if you want to help!  Help is also always needed please stop by the registration table and we will sign you up.


I look forward to seeing everyone at Hemlock in April. 


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Gary Dickey, Jr. – Candidate for President


I’m running for President of the PLA.  I’ve been a member for 10 years.  I’ve been serving as the Southeast Director and attending almost all of the shoots.  I also look for new shoots in our area.  My day job for over 21 years is Deputy in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department.  


I must thank Mike and Sue Shaw who mentored me in traditional archery.  They taught me how to build wood arrows, tune equipment, and many other skills a traditional archer should know.  Learning those skills really opened my world.  I started exploring woodsmanship and have learned a bunch of skills that were the foundations of frontier knowledge.  I also took up flintlock shooting and canvas camping.  


I really want to see this organization continue to be a vital part of traditional archery in Pennsylvania.  It would be an honor to serve you and the PA Longbow Association. 


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Jeff Stahler – Candidate for Vice-President


My name is Jeff Stahler.  I am a long-time resident of West Penn Township in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania.   I am the owner and operator of Stahler Woodworking, a specialty carpentry business since 1995.  I have a passion for traditional archery that has grown since childhood.  I got my first bow when I was eight years old, and I learned to love hunting from my father and uncles.  

I became a member of the West Penn Archery Club in 1981.  Together a group of close friends started the traditional archery program at West Penn.  It has grown greatly over the past decade.  We look forward to hosting the Pennsylvania Long Bow Traditional Championship shoot each July.  It would be an honor to serve as the Vice President of the Pennsylvania Long Bow Association.  My goals would include growing the number of members and events to bring people together to enjoy traditional archery as much as I do.  


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Bob Klinger - Candidate for Secretary


I’ve been a member of PLA for approximately 15+ years.  I took up traditional equipment about the same time and enjoy the pursuit of  pitting myself against all targets  whether foam, wood or rock.  What I enjoy the most is how friendly and supportive the people involved with the PLA are.  I have always enjoyed being at an event regardless of what the weather was.  I always look forward to the next shoot.


Some of the things I have been involved with in the past:

Active volunteer with Project Healing Waters in the Chester County area. 
Prior Board member of UBP.
Prior Board member of Tulpehocken TU Secretary 
Past Secretary of Glen Moore Fire Co.
Past President of Honey Brook Fire Co.
Retired 2006 from US Navy Reserves.

Avid Hunter and Fisher when time allows. 


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Paige McAuley – Candidate for Treasurer


I was appointed to be Treasurer.  I have enjoyed serving and would like to continue.  I started attending the Annual Shoot at Marsh Hill when I was 3 years old.  Last year, my husband and I had our own baby, so little Luka will be continuing the tradition by attending shoots with us this year.  


My dad sent me and my sisters to work in the kitchen at Marsh Hill when we were teens.  We also helped Maureen set up and break down the registration booth for the shoot.  I started selling merchandise and raffles at that shoot when I was old enough.  Over the years, I’ve helped with the bottle shoot, kids shoots and other jobs at PLA’s Annual Shoot.  I’ve maintained PLA’s tshirt inventory for several years.  


I went to college to become a Veterinary Tech and have worked in various kennels grooming and working with animals.  I love animals.  


PLA was a big part of my childhood.  Now that I’m an adult, I’m glad that I can continue to serve this organization.  

Elsa Zumstein - Candidate for Membership Secretary


For years I have reaped the benefits of those who conceived, organized, and grew PLA to what it is today.  Being Membership Secretary will allow me to help the organization.  


I’m interested in all thing’s archery, but I have more fun with traditional archery.  Someone at a shoot mentioned they saw me actually shooting my bow.  They didn’t say anything about me hitting the target.  


I have been involved at Cloverleaf Archery with maintaining the equipment for the Kids’ Shoots.  I also became an instructor so that I could help more kids get into this great sport. 




We do a lot of preparations for the Annual Shoot at the Lycoming Creek Sportsmen Club.  We prep the trails and layout the course on Saturday.  This year we will be adding on to our target shed and will need construction help and tools.  We also help the Buckskinners with jobs to get the grounds ready for the shoot.  Most of the work gets done on Saturday, but some things spill over into Sunday.  While we keep busy, there is still time to socialize especially around the campfire in the evening.  If you are interested in helping out contact Bill at 570-220-5224, or Scott 610-310-0947.  This year looks like a pretty busy weekend.







Even in this age of instant messaging and Facebook posts, it is still important to Rendezvous mid-winter.  I look forward to seeing old friends face to face.  Sharing hunting stories over a cup of coffee or a bowl of stew is the best.  The Cabin Fever Shoot combines the socializing with being able to bend our bows on a challenging course in the winter woods.


This year we had 53 shooters over the two-day event.  We had a couple vendors selling one of a kind artwork, hunting and fishing gear, bows and arrows.  Maureen Burris spent the weekend in the kitchen serving breakfast sandwiches, moose stew, bean stew, sausages, and hotdogs.  It was a great time, especially when the club house was filled with the chatter of folks who hadn’t seen each other in a few months.




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 “A person’s friendships are one of the best measures of their worth.” - Charles Darwin